Intentional Energies

I believe that we meet people to be given or to send a particular message. When I sometimes find myself in a place that I wouldn’t normally go to, is often the time i walk away having something new to think about or having met someone new… I hardly ever know the reason why I have been given that piece of information until much later after it has been given to me.

Around August of 2009 when I was part owner to a start-up brand called RedBow, we had set out to have a competition to have an artist (any medium that could be transferred onto fabric) to submit their designs to us. The intention of our brand at the time was to grow other newbies in their own field of expertise as we grew. So the criteria was simple: to interpret Redbow as you may see it. The idea was to print a submitted design on a limited edition tee which we would then sell to recognize this artist as well as our brand. Needless to say this was a very cool idea at the time. We received submissions from sketch artists whose work was in the local galleries, painters and everyone in between. This was awesome to me because even though it all came from “a friend of a friend”, they could have said no right. Afterall, all our business was at this time was a concept we were selling to them.

At the time i was dating a guy who dealt with creative individuals as a profession. He supported my idea and had asked one of his friends to support the concept. it was around my birthday (September) when he had given me this envelope and inside it was also a submission for our competition. I didn’t quite know the reason but he had chosen to laminate it. This together with this image having so much detail on it, we chose not to go to print just because it would work out to expensive for our first edition. I found myself somewhat intrigued by this picture and I wanted to meet this person who did this. just to say thank you. I knew who he was but for some reason found it to be a bit silly to ask my boyfriend to arrange to meet him just to say thank you. I mean (as a girl) what would I say to him? Freaked out, I left that idea.

Years went by and even after we have broken up I saved this laminated picture and looked at it from time to time. Mainly just thinking about how great it was for strangers, very busy in their own lives, to have supported our idea at the time.  I have always been into the whole hip hop buzz and one night I went to a party where I happened to meet him. In fact, because it was so long after I had received this, I clean forgot about this picture when we had met that night. We had arranged to meet afterward and across conversation HE had actually recognized the name RedBow and I remember him saying “I was waiting for some feedback but never got it”. It was my chance to apologize for the long awaited feedback but was also my time to say THANK YOU. I don’t really question why it took this long and many times we often refer to things as “when the timing is right, it will happen”. Well that’s how i saw it. Perhaps I was in a better space to be able to give it and him in a better space to receive it, knowing that it would not end at just thank you. In other words, our universal energies were at the same frequencies when I was able to convey my Thank you  message.

I just went into a bit more detail than planned and so will open more posts to be able to share my views on this. But my point of all of this is really just that what you put out there in terms of thoughts, you’ll get back whether you think you forgot about it or not. Your subconscious stores thoughts until it has obeyed the command.  When you have a certain thought process and put out the intention then be certain that it WILL happen. I will continue to speak more on this topic and how easy/difficult it is to achieve what you want no matter how big or small.

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