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So since I’ve been working from home, I have had so much fun trying new experiments!

I have extremely slow growing hair and so over the years I have always wanted long hair. The kind of hair that hung way down my back and touched my bum! Well, i think I’m finally on my way to achieving that! One often hears so many hacks and I’m very hesitant to try it especially if it involved mostly chemicals, heating stuff and/or anything of the oral form.

Horse Shampoo:

Besides wanting long hair, I always wanted hair that I didn’t need to wash and blow every 1-2 days. One day I came home from work with a 1litre bottle of horse shampoo. My mom thought I was going crazy! i started using together with my normal shampoo. Firstly, I would do the regular 2 washes with my normal shampoo (Head & Shoulders) and then a 3rd wash with this very thin blue liquid meant for horses! I have very oily hair and so this was great for me because it gave me an extra day before my next wash. I continued to use this and i definitely saw quicker results using this. However, I actually don’t even know if I have achieved my desired results because I was such a sucker for not trimming my hair that by the time I finally went to have it trimmed, i needed to cut off all the growth i had achieved over the past few months.

Then I decided that my hair was too thin. I now wanted thicker, fuller hair. Still long but now big also! I gave up on the horse shampoo and moved onto the next best thing…. olive oil.  A natural product which I have been told encourages new hair growth at the roots. Once again, I am lucky enough to be working from home as this required olive oil to stay in hair for a week at a time. I definitely saw thicker fuller hair but no real noticeable growth. I gave up on this too.

So after having not trimmed my hair for close onto 9 months (I know that’t terrible) I went to my hairdresser and because of all my split ends, needed to cut my hair to just below my shoulder. I came home and the very same day I was online looking for ways to grow my hair again. I became obsessive! i needed long hair!

I came across a discussion group where a bunch of ladies had been discussing the best hair growth products they have used. Many of them natural so this was great! Items included the oh-so-famous “Dutch remedies” such as Bayrum essence, Bergamot essence and Coconut oil. The only thing was that these ladies had been using one of these at a time.

Out of madness and sheer desperation actually, I decided to use all of the “remedies” mentioned on the entire forum (besides tablets) all at once! I told them i was going to use it and remembered one or two of the girls warning me against it in fear that my hair might fall out. Anyways, I thought FUCK IT, and went off to the store to go and buy everything! I also decided that I would not be blow drying my hair from monday to friday each week.

My list included:

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  • Bayrum essence
  • Bergamot essence
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Placenta oil
  • horse shampoo

I took a glass bottle and emptied out bayrum, bergamot, coconut and olive oil together. I then added only half of the placenta. Shook well and pour it into a spray bottle.


  1. Morning –  spray a generous amount onto scalp. Comb through and tie up.
  2. Evening – wash with horse shampoo and towel dry. Spray on mixture and leave overnight.
  3. Day 2 to forever – repeat steps 1&2.

I had my colleague measure my length once a week. This allowed consistency as she would be measuring from the same spot each week.

To my utter amazement, I achieved 1,5cm in the first week. I was really shocked and for a few minutes thought it was just “beginners luck”. Anyways, I continued. Week after week I was achieving a consistent 1,5cm each week.

When I reached 9 cm of growth I went back to the forum of ladies where I was confronted by people who had “studied hair” and I was told I was lying because it was humanly impossible for ones hair to grow more than an inch per month.

Point of the story is that I continued and I am continuing to see results! Consistently achieving 1,5cm a week, I stopped when I had finished my mixture (lasts about 5-6 weeks).  I achieved just under 9cm from August to September.

After giving my scalp a rest for the past 3 weeks, I have started on this again! I’m determined to achieve bum length! The only thing I will do differently is actually take before and after pictures this time.


Stay tuned to as i keep you updated on my hair experiment progress!


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